Turmion Kätilöt is a Finnish industrial metal band formed by MC Raaka Pee and DJ Vastapallo. The band is known especially from their Shock Rock influenced shows and strong performances on stage that catch the audiences? attention in just in few seconds. The current lineup of the band is: MC Raaka Pee, Master Bates, Bobby Undertaker, RunQ, DQ and Shag-U. Turmion Kätilöt will release their new album ?Universal Satan? next September and will present this masterpiece at HMH12 on October 13! So you better get your sh*t together and come along to witness this special night with us - new hits and golden oldies guaranteed (and who knows what more)!!!


Melding northern melodic metal, nuances from Japanese folk and symphonic elements and you?re somewhere on the way to Whispered?s ?samurai metal?. Formed back in 2004 by vocalist and guitarist Jouni Valjakka, it was clear that from early on his love for Japan and its ancient culture would make its mark on forging the unique Whispered sound. This was cemented when he discovered that traditional Japanese instruments like shamisen, shakuhachi and koto perfectly compliment metal music. The band?s debut album Thousand Swords, released 2010, was a loose concept album based on the legend of Musashib? Benkei, a japanese monk. Whetting appetites for what would follow, Shogunate Macabre was released in 2014 and was darker than its predecessor, introducing a more brutal and mature version of Whispered without forgetting the melodic and symphonic aspects. The lyrics revolved around Japanese mythology, ghosts and bushido. The band once again led the way in 2016 with the release of their third and epic masterpiece Metsutan ? Songs of the Void out on May 20th via Redhouse FMP / Inverse Records. The album received huge praise from the metal medias all over the world, and the band also stated that this is their best work yet. Whispered has made their mark in the live circuit making notable appearance in major festivals in Finland, such as Tuska Open Air, Nummirock etc. as well as supporting the likes of Korpiklaani, Turisas, Ensiferum and reaching as far as Japan in 2013. 2016 is proving to be the busiest year for Whispered yet. With several shows in Finland plus an appearance at UKi's top metal festival Bloodstock Open Air followed by an extensive UK tour in the fall.


Suamenlejjona was formed in 1995 when Finland won the World Championship in ice hockey for the very first time. The first full album was released much later in 2014 after FInland had won the World Championship for the second time in 2011. After the album ?Suamenlejjona? the band has released several singles. The latest one ?Suamalaista lihaa? was released in 2017. Eventhough Suamenlejjona is mostly based on ice hockey, the lyrics describe the deepest nature of Finnish men in several levels and of course, in a very brutal and honest way! The themes roll around wise money spending, drinking beer modestly, rose-red cruise romances and first and foremost female beauty!


SURU is a melodic metal band from Madrid/Toledo, Spain. Formed in 2008, the group was founded by vocalist Alvaro Malta and ex guitarist Rubén Nogueira. SURU is the result of exploring new sounds in the European metal scene. Deep melodic voices and death screams come together to create an original band. Heavy guitars and powerful drums complete the songs. The name of SURU means sorrow (finnish language) and it reflects the pessimism feeling of the lyrics. They call this concept as Brutal Goth. After great local shows, in 2010, SURU takes part in the tour ?When death is most alive? with Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium in Madrid (Spain). In 2011, the band signs with Suspiria Records for the release of their debut album called ?Catharsis?, with the collaboration of Tuomas Saukkonen from Before the Dawn and Black Sun Aeon.


Enthring is a rising star of simphonic death metal originally formed year 2006. The bands? first demo was released year 2010 and soon after that in 2011 the full album ?The Grim Tales of the Elder? came out. EP ?The Art of Chaos? saw daylight year 2015 and a new one is under making at the moment. Enthring has been playing both in Finland and abroad during its history and also made a Brasilian tour with Korpiklaani a couple of years ago. The band also has two members known from Kalmah - Janne Kusmin (drums) and Timo Lehtinen (bass).


Reflection Dies continues to rock the HMH events and will be playing at HMH for the 5th time! RD is a furious metalcore band from Helsinki known best for their charismatic stage presence and ass kicking sounds. RD is a combination of strong metalcore beats and groove sounds that walk beautifully hand in hand. The band is taking inspiration for their music from bands such as As I Lay Dying, In Flames and Caliban. RD performed at HMH for the first time in 2014 and will be offering us a huge show also this year! Reflection Dies is a must for everyone that wants to rise their adrenaline level and jump in the moshpit.


Re-Armed is a melodic death/thrash band formed year 2001 in Kerava, Finland. The debut album ?Worldwide Hypnotize? was released internationally on January 2012 via Massacre Records. After releasing their debut, the band supported names such as Chimaira, Suffocation, Origin, Cattle Decapitation and Cryptopsy for the tours in Europe. In this year Re-Armed also made their first big out door festival appearance at Bloodstock Open Air at Catton Hall in the UK. The second album ?Rottendam? was released on January 2014 via Eternal Sound Records, but major lineup changes froze the band almost for a year. Former guitarist/songwriter Tommi Helkalahti decided to leave the band - leaving vocalist Jouni Matilainen as the only current former member in the band. In 2015 the new lineup is in order faster than expected. Self-released single/EP "Total Lack of Communication" was released on August 2015 and the band toured even in China to support the release. With fresh blood in veins the band released their third album 'The Era of Precarity' on September 2016 via Saarni Records. The album is the most acclaimed release so far. Re-Armed toured first time in Japan and Spain to support the release. At the moment, the band works on new material for a new album and, a new yet untitled song will be out on summer 2018!